Robert J. Hanlon, Jr. DMD
Charles E. Jerome, DDS
Referral Communication

Communicating significant medical histories and other patient concerns

Please inform our office of any special patient issues that should require a consultation before appointment for treatment. Many patients need SBE prophylaxis prior to dental care. Please communicate that requirement when an appointment is made. Some patients have significant medical issues and we will have to consult their physicians before proceeding with treatment. If the patient is scheduled for evaluation and treatment the same day, both our office and the patient will encounter inefficient use of time. Anxious patients that have histories of difficulty with dental treatment such as problems reclining, claustrophobia, or difficulties with the rubber dam, should have an evaluation for possible oral sedation before appointing for same day completed treatment. Although we accept referrals for the endodontic treatment of permanent teeth in children, it is on a case management basis. We do not offer nitrous oxide or oral sedation for  children. We suggest that before referring children, you have had an opportunity to establish a behavorial history for the child that includes more than examination and cleanings. Becoming familiar with anxious patients during an evaluation appointment is beneficial for both the patient and our staff and allows us to establish rapport to provide the highest quality of professional care in a less stressful environment at the subsequent treatment visit.

Referrals for restorability

Restorability or “salvageability” of a tooth should be determined by the restoring dentist. Endodontic treatment can be completed on teeth that then cannot be restored. If the tooth can be isolated, root canal treatment can be done but that does not mean that the tooth can be subsequently restored.  Issues such as need for crown lengthening can be planned prior to referral. Crowns with evidence of gross subcoronal or submarginal caries should be removed with all caries excavated prior to referral for endodontic treatment.                                                            
                                                     Emergent Referrals

When in doubt, always schedule the patient for evaluation rather than assuming that treatment is required and will be completed the same day. We make special efforts to evaluate and treat at the same appointment for patient convenience if treatment is definitely required. Less travel time and time off from work is appealing for patient management but full treatment appointments given to patients that should be evaluated first results in inefficiency for our office and inconvenience for other patients.
                                                        Use our website

Encourage your patients to use our website at  The website has a small map with directions to the office and contains links to the California Dental Association and the American Association of Endodontists (AAE). The AAE website has valuable information and answers most questions about root canal treatment. We would prefer that our patients get their information from a   trusted  mainstream website rather than having to surf the net for confusing and inaccurate information.

The best form of communication for patient management, is of course, doctor to doctor. Please feel free to call any time to discuss aspects of a cases or patients that you are concerned about.  We value your referrals and your professional relationship with us will always be of primary importance.


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